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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Check out the Main Street Vegan Academy

"What is a vegan lifestyle coach/educator?
A Main Street Vegan® Lifestyle Coach & Educator is a practicing vegan who is certified to coach, counsel and educate individuals and groups in adopting this health-promoting and compassionate way of eating and being in the world. As a Main Street Vegan-certified VLCE, you’ll be qualified to help individuals and groups go vegan, stay vegan, feel terrific, and be part of the wonderful ripple effect that’s saving the lives of people and animals, and helping heal the planet. In addition, you’ll learn at the Academy how to set up a Vegan Lifestyle Coaching practice, market yourself, speak for groups and to the media, and make the most of the Internet.
What will we do during the course?

This is an intense intensive starting with opening classes and dinner the first evening, then going all day for the next four days, and until early afternoon on the final day. There will be breaks for meals (some out, some onsite). A high point of the Main Street Vegan® experience is always the educational field trips to a raw vegan emporium, an eco-store, an Indian spice market, vegan bakery, leather-free shoe store, and to the Vaute Couture boutique where, when she’s in town, we get a fabulous presentation and Q & A from founder/designer Leanne Hilgart. We’ll have lunch out together on field trip day at a classic NYC vegan eatery, another luncheon at Harlem’s premier vegan soul food restaurant. and an optional post-session graduation luncheon at another of NYC’s noteworthy vegan establishments. If some special vegan or animal rights event is taking place in the city during your course, we try to arrange for our students to be part of this, as well. The curriculum includes:

  • Fundamentals of vegan nutrition
  • Plant-based nutrition for pregnant women, children, athletes, elders
  • Diet in the prevention and reversal of cardiac disease
  • History of the vegetarian and vegan movements
  • Fundamentals of animal rights and animal law
  • Environmental implications of animal agriculture
  • The art of the food demo
  • Understanding emotional eating and food addiction
  • Working with mixed and transitional families
  • Principles of Ayurveda, raw foods, juicing and detox programs
  • Animal use and abuse in fashion and beauty, and vegan alternatives
  • Social networking for Vegan Lifestyle Coaches and Educators
  • Public speaking for vegan experts and activists
  • Finding and acting on authorship, blogging, podcasting, and corporate opportunities
  • Building your coaching practice, branding, and marketing for success"

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