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Friday, April 24, 2015

Check out FoodLab (dot) com / Vegan Baking (dot) net

From "FoodCraftLab is my attempt to push the envelope of food; food that doesn't happen to use animal products. What about foods like kimchi, beer, wine and chocolate? Mastering the understanding behind the food science of these and other foods is, in my opinion, the key to pushing food forward. I refer to this as foodcrafting. Many foods have methodologies that can be interpreted, borrowed and applied to other aspects of food production to make more flavorful, better quality and more interesting food. Join me on my foodcrafting journey as I attempt to find out as much as possible about the foods I love and share a few tips along the way.
FoodCraftLab - Vegan food science and the quest for flavor
the act of breaking food down to its most simple forms, analyzing it and preparing it with the information you have gleaned.
to design or make food with skill and careful attention to detail while not being afraid to buck tradition in the pursuit of outstanding quality.

I also run where I attempt to make vegan baking more accessible by demystifying the food science behind it.