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Friday, March 13, 2015

Why I eat soy and I have endometriosis by WLI

I don't go balls to the wall and eat excessive amounts. I have a tofu scrabble or some Field Roast's cheese or something else with soy in it occasionally. We have estrogen in us I feel like we already have it in us so why not. It's horrible for people with Endometriosis and possible causes problems, but soy is so difficult to avoid so I just allow myself to have some occasionally. This doesn't mean it's okay to just binge on stuff with soy in it, but I occasionally (not frequently, or sometimes as that can create problems) have a small tofu scramble or  a small amount of something that has soy sauce or soy in it somehow. Soy promote estrogen which is horrible for people who suffer with Endometriosis; however, I will always have some estrogen inside of me and I refuse to let endo make me suffer completely.