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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

"The presure to be perfect is purely for profit"- Beauty Redefined

It talks about women, but men have these problems as well.

"The beauty industry is worth more than $100 billion and that doesn't change even when the economy tanks. The diet and weight loss industries make about $70 billion each year while almost no one is successful at losing weight and keeping it off using their programs. Plastic surgery (mostly lipo and breast enhancements) is up nearly 500% in the last decade, with 92% of the procedures performed on girls and women. New "solutions" to new "flaws" are created for women (rarely ever for men) by advertisers every single day, from "unsightly underarms" (thanks, Dove!) to "insufficient lashes" (thanks Latisse!) and every single inch of our bodies -- from the roots of our dry/oily/mousy/limp/wrong-colored hair to our rough/dry/unsightly feet and pedicure-needing toenails. Female pores, female wrinkles, female scars, female hair and female skin in general have been sold back to us as problems in need of fixing by companies claiming to sell the solutions -- *but* these things haven't always been viewed as problems *and* they do not always need "fixing." When it comes to viewing regular human characteristics as "flaws," we're ‪#‎notbuyingit‬. The next time you notice a physical insecurity, think about who profits from you feeling that way and who may have invented the idea that whatever you're feeling insecure about is a problem, rather than simply a normal aspect of a human body. This critical awareness of the $$ behind our anxieties is incredibly empowering. Only then can we take our power back."