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Monday, March 30, 2015

My rules of friendship by WLI

I'm "jojo" I wrote these for some of my "friends" if they can't follow these they are out. I have some horrible friendships and I just can't deal with how some of my friends treat me. Instead of cutting them off I guess I would give them a change. I think these are good enough for everyone. No one deserves to be treated like shniz, but on the other hand no one is perfect. But sometimes, you have to lay down the line. If my friends do these I probably wouldn't end the friendship (as I am not perfect) but constant contact will be dropped down to holiday and "thinking of you" cards. And I wouldbe honest with them. I, personally, would say "listen  I said I wouldn't be friends with someone who did that and yet you did. I can't have constant communication with someone who treats like that. We need a break I got your address and we can remain in contact because I  love and care for you, but our close friendship is over."

I don't care if we have been friends forever or a day I don't care about the past this is NOW If this applies to you.. well don't do it around me.
1. If you make fun of my intelligence AT ALL (with the exception of me ACTUALLY DOING something stupid or silly IN THAT MOMENT - but make fun of the event, not ME personally )or my intelligence or ability to do something  we will be done
2.If you gossip about me AT ALL I don't care if it's good or bad. Leave my name out of your mouth. We will be done

3.If you bail of me even ONCE to go drink or get high. I can understand if you made plans and just change your mind and feel like just chillaxing that day but if you bail on me to go hang with someone else we are done.
4. If you insult my looks AT ALL we are done. If you think I'm so f*Ing ugly why are you even my friend.Friends don't think that about each other. bye.
5. If you make indirect comments about me we are done.I hate that shniz.
6. If you put me down in ANY way we are done.
7. If you EVER even lay a finger on me we are done. I don't care if you're drunk, high, whatever.
8. If you are violent. don't be violent around me. I don't like it and you know it.
9. Don't bring illegal drugs around me (pot is one thing, but serious shniz like coke, crack,etc.GTFO i'm not going down for your shniz.
10. I'm into a lot of things.I'm vegan, I love theology, and the gnositic teachings. i'm trying to learn more about science, math,etc. If you feel that you "own" those things and I can't even learn about them because they are "your things" you're wrong and that's your own problem.If you make a comment to me about how I can't learn those things, we are done because you legit make no gosh darn sense.
11.i'm 26 I'm allowed to wear whatever I want. Don't comment on how "slutty" something is. That's why I'm wearing it. Unless I ask your opinion, don't give it to me.
12.Don't comment on my body. I know I'm thin. I've been trying to lose weight. That is the point of TRYING to lose weight. Don't comment on my boobs, or butt or thighs. Don't comment on my armpits, vagina or anything else. Do not comment on my face if I'm breaking out because I'm aware of it It makes me self conscious. Or maybe that's WHY some of you do it?
13. don't insult me or do these things and then tell me you didn't it's called gaslighting (which is when someone twists and distorts reality making the victim seem like the crazy one and the bad person). I know a thing or two about psychology for those of you who think I'm soo stupid :( So if you think you're just gonna say whatever and "cover it up" sorry, it's not gonna work that way.
14. If you are racist, sexist, homophobic,sizist,etc. don't comment about that shniz around me.
15.If you so much as LOOK at my boyfriend in a flirty way we are done. If you talk to him in a negative way about me, we are done. If you try to hang out with him alone we are done.  There is NO good reason as to why a "friend" would wanna hang out with a friend's boyfriend by themselves. and honestly, some of you have messed me over in the past. heck no.
(note: I have some "friends" I honestly would even trust to be alone with my dog let alone my boyfriend)
16.If you're gonna talk shniz about others. We're not gonna be as close. I don't need the negativity.Stop being jealous  thanks.

if you can't handle these or think I've changed and "oh wow we have to walk on eggshells for jojo" damn straight you do because I'm sick of being treated like dirt. you don't have to hang with me :)