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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Figure Drawing for All It's Worth (How to draw and paint) by Andrew Loomis

Figure Drawing for All It's Worth (How to draw and paint)"Artist Andrew Loomis writes this book for those who have graduated from the fundamentals of drawing and are ready to embark on their artistic careers. He coordinates all the basic facts gathering the fundamentals, aesthetic as well as practical, of commercial work into one book. He includes chapters on anatomy, planes and lighting, drawing from living models, the figure in action, and costume, among others giving the artist a firm understanding of the science of the trade. He discusses idealization and other tricks of the trade helping the reader to produce work that will find a market. At appropriate stages he inserts typical problems. Explanatory sketches and examples of some of his own best work appear on almost every page. Originally published in 1943 this book continues as a solid reference for artists perfecting figure drawing."

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