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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Fifty Shades of Nope: Being Fetishized As A Person of Color in Kink by Vianca Masucci @ Black Girl Dangerous

""Don’t get me wrong: I appreciate everyone’s right to fantasy. I understand that fantasy is derived from cultural influences and inherent sexual hardwiring. No one can control what tunes their flesh flute or, to an extent, what they’ve been exposed to. What worries me is that these archetypes pull from harmful stereotypes that many PoC are working hard to fight against and any attempts at challenging them are met with arguments defending sexual freedom."...

In spite of the copious amounts of shade being thrown at fetishism by the movie, Fifty Shades is inspiring a sex movement that challenges ‘Mericans to indulge their sexual curiosity. But, the new sexual frontier is just as problematic as the old one and subscribes to a system of sexual archetypes that are not only conservative but detrimental to PoC. Watching the movie brought back hella memories of my own excursion into kink and my experiences with this frontier. (Side note: Yes, I did go to see the movie in theaters. But, I bought a ticket for Selma and snuck into Fifty because I have “not one dime” for basic shit.) Sweating like Beck when Kanye approached the stage at the Grammy’s, I nervously walked into my first kink gathering. Within thirty minutes of my arrival, I had been called ‘chocolate’ twice. Within two hours of my arrival, a man asked if he could see my “big black donk”. I responded by telling him that I had too much ass for his “small white dick” and then I left. (Yes, that clapback game is on fleek.)"

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