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Monday, March 23, 2015

6 Total A**hole Moves People Make When They're Getting Healthy by Chelsea Fagan @ distractify.

my thoughts are in italics, the writer's thoughts are on the article itself so click the link to see them

"Getting healthy is a great thing. And as someone who has done it (with varying degrees of success) in the past, I can confirm that those first few months of making a change are really, really hard. You want to talk to people about it, and let everyone know the progress you've made.

But you shouldn't be an asshole. And yet, so many people are when they get on the health train, and it's usually because they are doing one (or all) of these 6 things.    "

1. They get really pretentious about "eating right," when they should be the last person to judge.
"It's one thing to encourage people to eat more fruits, veggies, whole grains, and lean proteins along with you. You can post photos of what you're making, talk about how much you enjoy salads or whatever, and generally keep things positive. But going on condescending rants about how sugar is the devil, and the occasional fast food dinner is basically child abuse," I agree with this a bit but not fully. Fast food is loaded with DISGUSTING things no one should EVER eat. It's easy to make your own at home, and a vegan version (going vegan doesn't = restriction/weight loss) I'd for you.No, hydrogenated oils, non-organic oils are bad for you. Did you know pure cane sugar, maple syrup and a few natural (not that splenda shniz) sugar have tons of healthy benefits? They see the word "fat" or something and go insane. Which is actually WHY I created Chunkealthy Life

2. They post before & after pictures... before there is a difference.

3. They become way too into #fitspo.
Nothing wrong with this,but I agree with the writer people on a weight loss journey shove it in people's faces which is kinda like putting down fat people.

4. They also post mirror selfies with 1,000-word captions about how #blessed they are to be making this change.
See my thoughts about #3

5. They go around social media giving unsolicited advice about food/exercise/general life.
The writer implies, in my opinion, that eating unhealthy is okay. It's not. This is why I push eating healthy and why I made Chunkealthy Life. You can eat healthy and have a huge cheesy helping of some delicious mac n cheese (go vegan :P )  have fun having diabetes or heart disease at a young age. Eating healthy is NOT weight loss. I do agree with the writer about how people try to replace the cheese with low-calorie cauliflower sauce or something like that. If you want to,cool if not there is nothing wrong with eating some Field Roast cheese and melting it on some macaroni because that is delicious (and not low-calorie or for weight loss)

6. They suddenly become really body-shamey.
I hate this shniz. Losing weight is a personal decision not something to force onto others. It's like if I dye my hair blonde then expect everyone else to. Stop being narcissistic. I lost about 10 pounds and my boyfriend and best friend are fat. Whenever they mention their weight in a  negative light it makes me angry. Everyone is beautiful. I lost weight like some people make the decision to bleach their hair. It's my body to eat as less as I want (not as in "pro-ana",as in i eat my recommended calories to maintain my weight) and it's their body to eat as much as they want.

See the author's thoughts & explanations  @ distractify.