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Friday, March 13, 2015

12 steps for a great relationship - found on facebook

Copied and pasted from there:

"Just Wanted to share something that I wrote :
Ok.. Goes For Females and Males : About Relationships. How these things work..
1) Leave your issues at the door. Everyone has some . Or learn how too work thru them.
2) Quit Blameing people for why you dont move on ..because while everyone that did all these things to you .. there life has moved on and your still stuck in the same place doing the same thing ..
3)Not every MAN/WOMAN is horrible, shitty or just like the others that you've dated . MAYBE ITS YOU !

4) If you have somone thats good too you and thinks the world spins around you ..and proves it every single day . DO NOT TREAT THEM LIKE SHIT..
5) Be greatful and understanding
6) People are gonna make mistakes its life ..If your seeking perfection I suggest you buy a barbie .
7) Admit when your wrong .. and try too fix the issue..
8) Never sit and miss treat somone that loves you and treat them exactly the way somone else treated you . Kinda Makes you a hypocrite.
9) TRUST: Unless you absolutely have a reason not too .. thats legit ..then you have no business being in a relationship with them in the first place.
10) When you love somone, I mean truley love or are in love with somone you love them thru and thru . You cant just pick and choose the parts you love about somone . This isnt build a person ...
11) Work together or dont work at all.
12) Grow the fuck up !!
Its simple people, life isnt meant too be easy , or it wouldnt be life.. Your not always going too get along your gonna fight sometimes, your not gonna agree..and if your lucky you wont fight at all. If you truley love somone thru and thru .. you love them thru the flaws or dont bother loving them or persueing a relationship at all !!"