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Friday, June 6, 2014

Theresa M. Fernandes :Divinely Charmed

"I have researched, read, experienced and incorporated many different philosophies and practices into my repertoire. I really don’t care for labels, nor like to specifically call myself anything, as I’m an eclectic mix of so many beautiful teachings and experiences.
As such, I experience things through Clair-sentience (feeling/touching) and Clair-cognizance (knowing). I do hear from those who have passed, often conveying very specific messages for their family and friends.

So,  call me Psychic, Medium, Intuitive, Administrator, Entrepreneur, Mother, Wife, Sister, Friend, it doesn’t matter…For I am one in these, and all these in one!
I, however, am just me; otherwise known and entitled “The Charmed One”, the name which was given to me by those who have been placed on my path that I have learned from. Over the past several years, The Charmed One stuck, particularly because it resonated with a tool I created which I like to call  “my charms”. As I began to use and understand my gifts , emerged my life’s work: Divinely Charmed.™

Check out Theresa M. Fernandes at her site:Divinely Charmed