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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Elliot Rodger Killings: Because of entitlement?

Great information about how the killings could have been because of false belief of entitlement. It may have been numerous circumstances that contributed o the event, but these writing make you think about what can happen if people always get what they want, and then are denied something.

"In the wake of the shootings, I think it's important that you follow the ‪#‎yesAllWomen‬ hashtag and learn a thing or two about talking to your kids....

We live in a society that gives guys a false impression that women are things to have. We live in a society where many people think that they are just one smart lucky decision away from being millionaires. We live in a society that associates guns with sexy freedom. We are a society that values every man for himself over the greater good. And yesterday we learned that those values have consequences, for the 7 billionth time....
This 22-year-old murderer is a symptom of a culture that values women as things, not people. He's a symptom of a society that doesn't value educating our boys about women being equal members of society who deserve the right to consent to any experiences they may want to have (and that both partners, regardless of gender need to understand consent implicitly.) He's a symptom of a society that doesn't value educating girls about how their value should be derived from their life experiences, education, and intelligence, not just their body. He's a symptom of a culture that can't even accept that teenagers will have sex with or without our help and refuses to give them consistently all the information they need to be informed about their bodies and choices. He's a symptom of a society that teaches young men from an early age that things are the most important value to prove worth, and that along with the women shaped objects they should collect, their true value in society will be determined by how many things they can control, rather than how much better they leave this world after they've left it. (And no, I'm not talking about you. If you are on my page, you already realized this stuff.)"

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