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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Living400 blog

Quoted from the Living400 blog

"I started this blog to talk about what it’s like to weigh ~400lbs, and how it does and doesn’t affect my life. For the curious:
My height: 5′ 8″

Bust: 58″

Waist: 57″

Hips: 67″


Lean body mass: 42.2% (by hydrostatic weighing)

Currently I am not trying to alter my weight, either up or down. I do exercise, but it’s for my own selfish reasons not weight loss or gain.


Humans are frequently visual creatures. I feel if I’m writing about living in my body, it’s important to show what my body looks like. The photos I’m using put the focus on my body, not my face. This is to fit the theme of the blog, which is about my body, but it also helps to maintain a bit of anonymity.


As I am writing about things like my health and my family’s health history, I am currently not using my name on the site. I am also not showing my face. I will also not be using the real names of friends or family.

Fat Acceptance

I don’t intend to make every post about fat acceptance. But I find myself writing in a context where fat acceptance is assumed. If this is a new idea for you, bop over to the "About Fat Acceptance" page.

Why Living400lbs?

I originally was going to name this blog "Living ~400lbs", but WordPress does not support the tilde (~) character. Dang. ;)

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