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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Biblical Mysteries Explained

"According to the Biblical Mysteries Explained DVD, some scientist believe that mega-disasters are a natural part the of the earth's heritage. These earlier disasters were also believed to have been recorded by man in folk legends, myths and even the Bible. Experts in the Biblical Mysteries Explained Series DVD, investigate archaeological records, apply forensic science, use computer modeling and exciting field tests to explain how and why these events could actually have happened.

This Biblical Mysteries Explained DVD is a three-part series that explores the greatest events of the Bible and reveals new scientific discoveries that explains how they may have happened. A new breed of scientist proclaims that natural mega-disasters are part of the earth's heritage... super-volcanoes, asteroid strikes, global warming, polar ice-melt... they have happened in the past and they will happen again. And according to this science, the ancient mega-disasters were recorded by early man in folk legends, in primitive myths, in ancient chronicles... and in the Bible itself. Biblical Mysteries Explained Series DVD investigates three of the Bible's mega-events. We speak with experts, examine the archaeological record, and apply forensic science, computer modeling and dramatic field tests to determine how these events could actually have happened. The Science DVD works with this hypothesis — based on the input of top geologists, climatologists and archaeologists — which allows us to witness exactly what happened, through Hollywood-style computer graphics that make the Biblical events come alive."

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