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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

4 Tips for Raising Happy Vegan Children

4 Tips for Raising Happy Vegan Children
1. Bring on the Fun Food

A vegan diet definitely does not have to be boring - and you should strive to make it as creative as possible, so that kids will enjoy what they eat. This also enables you to feel good that they are being healthy, as well as looking after the planet. Even just simple things, like cutting sandwiches into fun shapes, using lots of color in your presentation of fruits and vegetables, and baking desserts together, will make them love their rich diet.

    2. Get a Vegan Social Circle

It’s not always easy for your kids to feel that they’re the only vegan children in their group of friends at school. Allow them to become friends with other vegan kids. This is a great way for them to share information with children who are being raised in the same way, plus it can make them feel less alone. You might even be able to find some playdates for your kids through your own vegan friends.

    3. Show Them the Beauty of Nature

It’s a good thing for your kids to be around different kinds of animals from a young age so that they learn about caring for nature and how every living thing should be nurtured. Teaching them how to care for animals can also open up conversation about how other animals, such as cows and pigs, should not be killed and consumed. Your kids can also grow their own vegetables in the garden, which will teach them how to be responsible and show them how lovely it is to be able to harvest your own healthy food.

    4. Be Honest with Them

Your children need to understand the cruelty of what is happening to the animals in the world in order to hit home why veganism is such an important life choice. Although you don’t want to shock them with gruesome documentaries or images, you should speak to them about how animals are being mistreated. However, remember to also show them that they are in a powerful position to change the world."

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