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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Yellow Bird Project

"We are a Montreal-based organization called Yellow Bird Project. We work with an amazing range of indie rock musicians to create unique t-shirt designs that benefit an array of charities, each chosen by the musicians.


indie-rock-coloring-bookLet’s set the scene- the year was 2006, the sun it was shining, and two recent uni grads Casey and Matt set out to conquer the world. Like Bono on a mission, we decided it was time to make a difference and bring about a new world order of indie philanthropy. Maybe it was philosophy 101, guitar lessons, or an infinite awe for music that inspired us to climb aboard this train we like to call Yellow Bird, but we’re sure glad we did.  Matt, in all his computer geekdom, was pretty involved in the wonderful world wide web, and so the online community seemed like an ideal venue for inter-galactic indie domination. Casey, with his salesman swagger became the spokesperson for attracting new bands and artists. Together they forged into a solid brigade and the troops then followed, the trumpets played, and the community kept expanding.

At first we had little to no connections with any bands. All we had was the desire, too many viewings of Field of Dreams, and a belief that the musicians themselves would appreciate such a venture and want to contribute. Thankfully, we were right. The wonderfully quirky Devendra Banhart was the first artist to sign on, and he really helped to jump start the project and give YBP some street cred. The project has since allowed us to reach the global community, and the interactions and friends we have made along the way are priceless.  We invite you to join in for the ride."

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