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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tired of Repeating and Reminding?

"Here are the six very simple steps in this method.

1.    Stop what you’re doing, go to where your child is, and stand and look at him.

2.    Wait until he stops what he’s doing and looks at you.

3.    Say what you want him to do – clearly, simply and only once.

4.    Ask him to repeat the instruction back to you.

5.    Stand and wait.

6.    While you’re standing and waiting: notice every step in the right direction (Descriptive Praise) and acknowledge how your child might be feeling at the moment (Reflective Listening).
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Now here’s a fascinating thing. You’ll rarely have to go beyond step three before your child will go and do what they ask. In fact, often you won’t even have to go past step one! Why? Because the first key step is so respectful that children will respond differently. It’s not what they are used to us doing. We tend to skip this first step and shout orders from another room or up the stairs. These steps also show intentionality – that you mean what you say and that you’ll follow through.

Try it and experience the results for yourself. Transitions will become smoother and easier for everyone, and you can say goodbye to repeating and reminding!"

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