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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Self Acceptance : Small penis

"Readers of this site know we sometimes refer to learning to compensate for having a small penis. This shouldn’t be construed in a negative light, and might even be better said by referring to an old Clint Eastwood movie, in which he says, “A good man has to know his limitations.” This is true whether you have a big or small penis.

For example, if you had a huge penis, should you shove it down your partner’s throat, or impale them with it recklessly? That probably wouldn’t be much fun for them, and might also cause extreme pain. I seriously doubt that would be their idea of fun. So, a man with a large penis even has to think about how he approaches sex.

It’s the same general principle for small penis men.

For example, there can be certain sexual positions that aren’t as enjoyable for your partner because of your small size. There are heterosexual sexual positions mentioned on this site that offer more friction and a better depth of penetration for both of you. The best way to learn how to satisfy your partner, is ask them. However, if they give you negative feedback about your performance then you need to resist the urge to sulk about it. This is where you have to man up, and be open to changing things up in order to have a satisfying sexual relationship."

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