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Friday, May 30, 2014

LustWorthy: This is the truth

"In Lustworthy: This Is the Truth, we see a couple infatuated with each other on a very lascivious level. Perfume ads are a perfect way to discuss physical merit, as they are based on nothing more than pure sexual attraction. Within these images, she's not lusting over his money. She’s not lusting over his intellectual prowess. She’s not lusting over his charming personality. She's not lusting because she can't do better.

She's lusting because HE IS what she wants. ...

"It becomes easy to assume that the only reason the woman would be with our 'big guy' is because of his money and power; the worth of these things far outweighing his 'undesirable' body,'" Baker wrote in her blog post. "She puts up with his looks simply because the trade off is worth it...."

This series emphasizes that partners in unconventional pairings can feel genuine desire for each other regardless of factors like money and influence -- and that seeing these pairings in mainstream media and advertising can help change societal perceptions.

"We don’t see pairings of fat men and thin women based on the fact that she thinks he's the hottest man alive," Baker wrote. "We don't see pairings of fat men and thin women based on primitive law of attraction alone. THIS MUST CHANGE."

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