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Thursday, May 29, 2014

How to Tell if You’ve Found Your Ultimate Soulmate, or Twin Flame…

"Twin flames are the other half of a person’s soul; the yin to their yang, the feminine to the masculine, etc, etc. A twin flame is the ultimate soul mate, the one we are naturally seeking throughout our lifespan and the one we will be with on our last life on earth; with whom we shall ascend with.

When a soul is created it is split into two separate souls which embody the masculine and feminine. These are the twin flames. It is said that these two flames descend upon earth and take on different lives, reincarnate and grow as individuals, each having completely different experiences. It is believed that a soul must experience every human experience before ascending and the twin flames often share opposite experiences due to this so as to gain enough experience, thus ascending faster. There are, however, often similarities as well. Once the twin flames grow enough as individuals, they will meet and come together. This is a very intense situation. It is also said that this is becoming much more frequent of an occurrence since our advancements in the fields of psychology and self-help are allowing people to grow and evolve much faster. The union and purpose of twin flames is often to perform the work of God or the ultimate life-force/energy for the betterment of the world and/or service work. More and more twin flames are becoming united right now in human history than ever before.

Upon meeting one’s twin it is said that there is an immediate connection and attraction toward each other. This is much like a love at first sight occurrence. Romeo and Juliet were said to be twin flames, meeting in inopportune situations and not being able to live without the other. The energy felt between twins is much like an explosion. Soul mates who are not twins will feel similar energy, but less intense and more steady and stable. This energy with the twin can be extremely intense and cause a whirlwind in one’s life. People often become scared of this and run away. It is also common for twin flames to break up at least once for a period of time for self-growth before re-emerging together. Hugging a twin can be much like a soul mate in that it is like coming home for oxygen and nourishment.

This nourishing feeling can attract twins like magnets and keep them by each other’s side for long periods of time. It may feel so comforting being held by a twin that the two become very attached. It is common for twins to spend as much time together as possible as they long for and crave each other. It is believed by some that we are constantly looking for and desiring our twin flame subconsciously. Sometimes when twins meet their souls are not right which will cause them to seriously dislike each other until they grow more. It is believed that we do meet our twins occasionally throughout other lives, and that in one’s last life on earth the twins will join together so as to complete their destined service work and ascend together. Asking for one’s soul mate could easily result in meeting one’s twin flame. This will often be a person who pushes all of your buttons and delivers karma into your life from your past. The less baggage twins have before coming together, the less negative karma will be bestowed on the relationship.

Twin flames love to be together and connected, and lovemaking is the ultimate expression of this. For the twins, the focus of sexual contact is not always about the pure physical satisfaction of it, but the closeness and bond as well. The bond between twin flames can be so intense during lovemaking that the connection alone is sufficient satisfaction rather than a pure orgasm. Twins have been known to enjoy just being connected, falling asleep attached and loving this above the actual act of sex. The sex can be very rewarding, and the passion between twins can sometimes be so powerful that it can be frightening to some, especially if they aren’t ready for their twin."

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